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New Mover

Digital Direct Program

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Digital Marketing + Direct Mail
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Social Media | Email | Online Display Ads | Direct Mail

Reach New Movers Around Your Business At Their Home And Where They Live Online
So they find you before they find your competition
Town Hall's Digital Direct New Mover Program combines the power of digital marketing with direct mail to reach new movers 20-30 times as they move in and settle into their new home. New Mover Digital Direct keeps them engaged with your brand for 3 to 6 months using a targeted, multi-channel, multi-touch proprietary marketing program.
Watch This Short Video To Learn More
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Your new neighbors will receive your business information and compelling offer:
  • In Their Mailbox
  • In Their Email Inbox
  • In Their Social Media Feed
  • And With Display Ads Where They Shop & Search Online
Manage Your Digital+Print  Program  with the Town Hall  Mobile App
  • Scan & accept your gift cards
  • Validate redemptions
  • Track activity by user(s)
  • Create & view custom business reports
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Contact us today to schedule a demo. 
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